Shard Rules

These are important. READ CAREFULLY!

Failiure to obey rules and deliberate troublemaking on the shard may result in punnishment including farm/jail and banning. These rules improve the shard and therefore the player pleasure for all of our wonderful players.

1. NO PK'ing!!!! PKing is NOT allowed and will NOT be tolerated. If you PK someone, you will be banned. There are NO exceptions to this rule. PVP is allowed as long as it is consensual and ONLY in Felucca.

While PVP isnt forbidden on this shard, it is not encouraged. PVPing is NOT allowed at events, unless the event calls for it, such as Paintball. Anyone caught PVPing at an event will be jailed. There will be no staff sponsored PVP tournaments. If a player wants to have a tournament, staff will NOT provide prizes. There are NO caps on shard, any PVP that takes place on shard is most likely going to be unbalanced. There are plenty of PVP & PK shards available, if that is what you are looking for, you are on the wrong shard.

2. Looting other players is NOT allowed!! If you loot another player's corpse without their permission, you will be jailed and the other player's items will be returned to them.

3. NO Trash Talking!! This is a jailable offense, possibly bannable depending on how offensive it is.

4. Do NOT ask to be made staff. Anyone logging on simply to ask to be made staff will be jailed. Staff members are chosen from the player base. Established players are more than welcome to apply for a staff position after they have been playing the shard for 60 days. Staff members are hired by Admin only.

5. Respect staff members and other players. Staff members work for free and should not have to tolerate players giving them grief. Any harassment of staff or players will result in jail time and/or banning. Players are guests on Admin's computer, please behave accordingly.

6. Macroing is allowed, but not inside towns or in populated areas. Any macroing that disrupts others will result in jail time for first offense. Any after that will result in all skills being lowered to 0. Unattended macroing is allowed. EasyUO is allowed.

7. Do NOT beg staff members for items.

8. No exploiting bugs. This is a bannable offense. Players that report unknown bugs will receive rewards.

9. Staff is not here to rez players. If you die, find a healer, rez gate or corpse stone, do NOT ask staff to rez you.

10. No offensive language, names or pet names. This will be dealt with on a case to case basis in a VERY creative manner. Offensive language in chat will get you banned from chat.

11. Do NOT ask staff to pull you places, staff is not a taxi service!!

12. Only one account per person. Additional accounts for family members must be approved by Admin. Any additional unauthorized account will be deleted without warning. There is no skill cap on shard, so no need for more than one account per person. Creating additional accounts in order to farm gold/items is a bannable offense!

13. NO LITTERING!!!! Use trash bags/trash chests or the Trash 4 Tokens Backpack supplied for you. Items that are placed on ground usually find their way back to the backpack of the person who placed item on ground......... and sometimes the items end up weighing alot more and cannot be moved :P

14. Staff will NOT replace lost items. This includes items lost due to time warps caused by a server crash. If a crash occurs and items are lost, staff MIGHT compensate in some manner, but PLEASE do not whine about lost items.

15. No spamming in chat, if someone is spamming, they will be banned from chat for 5 minutes each time they do it. If they whine about being banned from chat, that will be another 5 minutes.

16. Sometimes there might be lag, when it happens, just deal with it. Whining about lag only serves to irritate staff and other players.

17. Do NOT leave pets parked in town, dungeons or any other public area. Pets left out of stables for extended periods of time will be placed in the Pound , owners will have to pay to get them out. Repeatedly leaving pets out of stables will result in the pets being deleted. There are shrink potions, pet leashes and hitching posts, please use them.

18. Griefing others is a jailable offense! This includes luring monsters to someone and getting them killed, blocking exits so someone can't leave and your summons/pets attacking someone else.

19. Stealing from monsters and NPCs is NOT allowed!!! There is nothing more annoying than spending time killing monsters and finding no loot on the corpse!! If anyone is caught doing this, they will be jailed immediately and have their stealing skill set to 0. Stealing from other players is NOT allowed!! There are stealable rares on all facets of the shard.

20. Please do not spawn camp. If there is noone else present in that area, then stay as long as you like. If someone else wants to hunt in the same locale, please take turns.

21. Please do not attack a monster that someone else is trying to kill, unless they ask for help. This is extremely rude and is a jailable offense.

22. Please do not loot someone elses kills and do not pick up gold off the ground from a champ spawn unless YOU killed the champ. This is a jailable offense.

23. Pets are not allowed to be used for events, they cause too much lag. Too many players in one locale will cause lag, but throw in 1-5 pets for each tamer and that is ALOT of lag.

24. The shard does not support the 3D Client, please do not use it.

Rules are subject to change, any changes made to the rules will be posted in the forums.
Staff reserves the right to jail and ban players as they see fit.