Shard Features

Skill and stats gains are a little easiear than on most shards. The stat cap for the shard is 375 and there is no total skill cap, each individual skill is capped at 100, power scrolls can be used to get to 120. There are skill bonus clothing items that can take certain skills up to 150!

Skill Bonus Clothing - The Ancient items will raise the skill up by 10 points, the normal items will raise skill by 5 points. You can find a detailed list of the clothing and what they increase here:

Skill Bonus Clothing

Spellcrafting - There is a spellcraft book you can use to enchance the properties of items. There are also spellcraft gems to add to the book to fill it with enhanceable abilities and spellcraft jewels to give it charges. You can find out more about the spellcrafting here:


Champ spawns are not active, but there are a few different ways to get power scrolls, the Evil GMs are mini champs and will give out all the power scrolls that are normally given out at champ spawns, but he only gives out one at a time. Crafting power scrolls can be obtained by doing Blacksmithing Bods for Smith scrolls, Tailoring Bods for Tailoring scrolls or killing the Master of the Arts, the Master of the Arts will give all the crafting power scrolls. There are also pet power scrolls as well, those are available through Taming Bods.

The bod timer for all bod types has been shortened to 15 minutes. The colors of the bod sandals and cloth have been changed to custom hues that cannot be found on the hue stones.

Runics.... There are runics for blacksmithing, tailoring, tinkering and fletching. These can be obtained many different ways. The Master of the Arts will sometimes spawn runics on his corpse. Harvesting materials using the gargoyle tools will sometimes spawn elementals that have the chance of dropping a runic tool. There are 3 gargoyle tools, the gargoyle axe, gargoyle pickaxe and the gargoyle knife, you can get these through bods. The normal elementals that are spawned will not drop runics, but there are Randon Ore Elementals that will spawn smith runic hammers.

All characters have 10 follower slots, plus there is an artifact to raise slots to 12.

Travelling is very easy here, just use the red teleporters. They will take you to all of the cities and dungeons of all facets, plus other spots of special interest.

There are many ways to make tokens! You can get them by killing monsters, doing bods, repairing and crafting items!

You are allowed 3 houses per account. You can get double housing by paging a GM to get a second block placed against the first to create up to an 18x36 property. Some static houses are also available for sale.